We Played Q&A Tag With A Bunch Of Comedians And, Well...

A few weeks ago, we threw a little party in a basement in London with a bunch of people who make jokes for a living.

Why?! To kick off our Edinburgh Fringe Festival festivities, of course!

August might still be a few months away, but we've so many fantastic acts appearing this year that we figured we'd start early (here's the full list in case you missed it). 

Anyway, in between some brilliant stand-up sets and the odd glass of tipple, we cornered a few of our funnymen and women to play a little game we like to call Q&A tag. How does it work? We're glad you asked: essentially one person asks a question, the next answers and then asks another, and so on, and so forth ad infinitum.

See how Beth Vyse, Micky Bartlett, Brennan Reece, Jimmy McGhie, Lazy Susan, Kai Humphries and Darren Walsh fared in the video below...

All of the comedians in the video above are set to appear at Edinburgh Fringe Festival throughout August. Want to know where and when, and pick up tickets? Click that big fat link below.