The Brains Behind Rihanna's 'B**** Better Have My Money' Is Playing A Free Show In London On Monday

Remember how last year, before Rihanna had even thought about dropping 'ANTI' we were all too busy getting low to 'B**** Better Have My Money'? 

You know, this one...

Is it coming back to you now? Good.

Well what you might not know, is that the track was written by one BiBi Bourelly, a 21-year-old Berliner with her own arsenal of songs ready for you to hear. Did we mention BiBi wrote Ri-Ri's 'Higher', as well as Selena Gomez's 'Camouflage' and Nick Brewer's 'Talk To Me'? Well she did. So you know the sort of talent we're dealing with here!

What's even better is that BiBi's kept some HUGE songs for herself, too, like last year's 'Ego'...

...and she's ready for you to hear 'em live at a FREE show in London this coming Monday (23rd May)! You absolutely need to be there.