Spotlight: Ed Fringe Preview - Joey Page

We can’t wait for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this year, and with summer upon us we were allowed a sneak preview of some of the festival’s hottest talent.

We caught up with some of comedians ahead of the festival to ask them a few questions. Here’s what happened when we chatted to Joey Page...

Live Nation: Hi Joey! Can you introduce yourself and your Ed Fringe show?
Joey Page: Hello Im Joey Page and my Edinburgh show is called 'Catastrophe Party' because they are the two words that best describe my career and style.

LN: If you weren’t a comedian what would you be?
JP: I'd probably be a journalist as that's what I did a degree in. However, I'd love to be a sleuth. 

LN: What's the best advice you've been given?
To write every day and to try and be inventive and exciting. There are so many bland comics around already. 

LN: Where's the best place to find you in Edinburgh? 
At the Underbelly at 8pm for an hour. Then all the bars...

LN: Do you have any other tips for the festival other than your own show?
JP: Luke McQueen and Sam Simmons are two of my absolute favourites. Oh, and Trevor Lock, he's an underrated genius.

LN: What's your dream venue to play?
JP: I'd love to do a gig on the moon. 

LN: What is the worst thing that has happened to you during a performance?
JP: I got booed for 20 minutes when I did Leeds Festival once. One guy still gives me stick on Twitter occasionally - I've really come to admire his commitment.

LN: Where can people see you in the lead up to the festival?
JP: Doing anything I can for money. It's expensive to do a show, really unreasonably expensive. But we all keep coming because we love it so much, or are desperate for work...I love coming because, to me, it's like the equivalent of putting out an album. Oh, and I'm desperate for work.

LN: Finally, Beyoncé recently revealed that she is a vegan and that she was launching vegan meals on wheels service. If you were a part of the team, what slogan would you come up with to help Bey sell her vegetables?
JP: Don't eat this rich singer's food. Support your local farmers! She's got enough food, plus she's annoying. I reckon I'd get fired on day one...

Catch Joey Page at The Underbelly during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Tickets are on sale now. 

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