GET READY: #EdFringe Is Coming And This Year, It's Bigger And Better Than Ever

While you were busy flicking through Facebook this morning and avoiding all forms of work (ugh, Wednesday, right?), Edinburgh Fringe was busy dropping its entire line-up on the internet, and in brochures across the country.

With less than two months to go until the world's biggest comedy festival descends on Edinburgh, we're all getting super pumped here at LN HQ. This year, we've got nearly 20 of the world's funniest faces playing the festival, and with everything from one-line punmastery to the best in improv, there's something for literally everyone.

So! This is the part where we tell you all the amazing acts playing at this year's fest, isn't it?

Well... err.. yes, it is actually. So sit back, have a giggle, and start planning your August!


WHO? Katherine Ryan. You might have heard of her. 
WHAT'S THE SHOW? It's a Work In Progress. Which means she'll be trying out some new material in Edinburgh for the first time. 
WHEN & WHERE IS SHE PLAYING? The Stand 6, eeeryday from Thursday, 4th August to Saturday, 13th August at 4.05.pm

WHO? Rhys James
WHAT'S THE SHOW? It's called 'Forgives' and as the winner of Guardian's Best Joke at last year's Fringe, expect the room to be filled everyday for the lad.
WHEN & WHERE IS IT? Catch Rhys everyday from 5.15pm Beside the Pleasance Courtyard.

WHO? Micky Bartlett is one of Northern Ireland's very finest comedians. 
WHAT'S THE SHOW? 'Blissfully Ignorant' sees Micky entering his 30s as a bumbling, clueless manchild - much like the rest of us.
WHEN & WHERE IS IT? Everyday from the 3rd August to the 29th at 5.15pm in the Gilded Balloon.

WHO? James Veitch - you might recognise him from his widely-shared TED Talk earlier this year.
WHAT'S THE SHOW? His new show 'Game Face' is a geeky comedy about life, love and Bluetooth. 
WHEN & WHERE IS IT? Catch James at 5.40pm between 3rd August and 29th August at the Pleasance Dome.

WHO? Beth Vyse
WHAT'S THE SHOW? 'As Funny As Cancer' sees Vyse beating the disease... and living to see the funny side. 
WHEN & WHERE IS IT? 5.45pm, everyday (except the 15th August) at the Counting House Ballroom.

WHO? Three-piece sketch crew Daphne
WHAT'S THE SHOW? 'Daphne's Second Show' really is their second show (first being last year, obvs). It is very funny. So there.
WHEN & WHERE IS IT? 5.45pm, everyday (except the 15th) Beneath the Pleasance Courtyard.

WHO? Brennan Reece. He's the one with the human face in that video above. 
WHAT'S THE SHOW? 'Everglow' sees the English Comedian Of The Year in his debut show, navigating life with his own brand of baby-faced rudeness.
WHEN & WHERE IS IT? 6pm, everyday at Bunker One in the Pleasance Courtyard.

WHO? Sharp-suited Jimmy McGhie
WHAT'S THE SHOW? 'Apologia' is Jimmy's sixth hour of comedy, which according to author Malcolm Gladwell leaves him 9,994 hours away from brilliance. 
WHEN & WHERE IS IT? 6.30pm everyday at the Balcony, Gilded Balloon (except the 15th)

WHO? Rachel Parris
WHAT'S THE SHOW? 'Best Laid Plans' sees Parris' mixing laughs with music, for some truly brilliant results.
WHEN & WHERE IS IT? 6.50pm everyday at Jack Dome in the Pleasance Dome

WHO? Character comedy duo Lazy Susan, made up of Celeste Dring and Freya Parker
WHAT'S THE SHOW? It's called 'Crazy Sexy Fool' and sees the pair poking fun at the totally awesome millenial socialites of society. It's, like, totally legendary.
WHEN & WHERE IS IT? 7.15pm everyday (except the 15th!) at Bunker One in Pleasance Courtyard.

WHO? Grainne Maguire

WHAT'S THE SHOW? 'Great People Making Great Choices' sees Grainne poking holes in the political establishment. Amongst other things...
WHEN & WHERE IS IT? 7.15pm everyday Beside Pleaseance Courtyard. Except the 16th!

WHO? North Eastern charmer Kai Humphries
WHAT'S THE SHOW? 'In Full Colour' will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy at the Geordie's self-deprecative stories.
WHEN & WHERE IS IT? 7.35pm at the Gilded Balloon's Billiard.

WHO? Darren Connell, star of BBC sitcom Scot Squad
WHAT'S THE SHOW? Expect tales of heartache, weight struggles and knuckledusters. This is set to sell out super quick.
WHEN & WHERE IS IT? 7.45pm everyday at the Gilded Balloon Balcony.

WHO? Darren Walsh. Look up. There he is!
WHAT'S THE SHOW? The show's called 'S'Pun' and it's S'full of S'puns. (Sorry).
WHEN & WHERE IS IT? 8.30pm everyday Below Pleasance Courtyard

WHO? Magic man Ben Hanlin. He's been on the telly a lot recently. Yes, he's lovely in person too.
WHAT'S THE SHOW? 'Trickhead' sees him combining magical wizardry with (nearly)-family-friendly comic delivery.
WHEN & WHERE IS IT? 8.30pm everyday at KingDome in Pleasance Dome.

WHO? Lloyd Griffith
WHAT'S THE SHOW? '...Is A Keeper' (as in Lloyd Griffith Is A Keeper, duh!) sees the part-time choirboy, full-time goalkeeping enthusiastic exploring football, vegetarianism and relationships in a way you wouldn't think possible.
WHEN & WHERE IS IT? 8.30pm everyday at the Pleasance Courtyard

WHO? Sean McLoughlin
WHAT'S THE SHOW? 'Kamikaze' sees the neurotic funnyman close to combustion with his nervous energy, as he recalls stories of failed love and the anxieties of modern life. The lad'll wake you up, that's for sure.
WHEN & WHERE IS IT? At 8.30pm everyday Beside the Pleasance Courtyard

WHO? Mark Nelson
WHAT'S THE SHOW? 'Smiley Face' is err, well it's an ironic title. Think of it more of an exploration of self-obsession in the digital age.
WHEN & WHERE IS IT? 8.45pm everday at the Billiard, Gilded Balloon

WHO? The Mr G Summer Heights High Singalong
WHAT'S THIS, THEN? You've seen Summer Heights High, right? Chris Lilley's Mr G character from the series will appear on screen at the Underbelly and lead you through a full-on musical of camp Australian brilliance. 
WHEN & WHERE IS IT? Head to the Udderbelly at 11.45pm on 18th and 24th August

WHO? Hot Tub Time Machine
ONLY THE BEST DAMN CLUBNIGHT EVER! DJ Tom Loud leads the crowd through musical history, year by year, armed with club bangers and stunning visuals. Honestly. Do NOT miss this one.
Edinburgh Corn Exchange on the 12th, 13th, 18th and 19th August

To book tickets for any of our acts at #EdFringe, or for an easy-to-read look at who we've got playing when and where, head over to the Live Nation tickets page. And we'll see you this summer for a giggle, yeah?!

You can check out the full #EdFringe listings in the digital brochure, or order a physical copy to your door over this way