Can't Shake Those Monday Blues? This New Funeral Suits Track Should Perk You Up

UGH. Monday, right? You feel us?

If you're struggling to get your brain in gear for the working week ahead, allow us to present you with the new single from Irish alt-rockers Funeral Suits. It's lush, it's got a chorus to die for and it suits the start of summer perfectly. Take it away, champs...

The track is taken from the band's upcoming album 'Tree Of Life', which is set for release later this summer. And it sounds like quite a lot of legwork went into crafting it...

"We wrote the new record in an apartment over a busy street, with windows open to sounds of life and the ocean in Brighton," the band have said. "We wrote overlooking a church on a quiet street in Shoreditch, and in cold, noisy industrial warehouses in Hackney and Tottenham. We wrote by the wild Atlantic on the West Coast of Ireland, and in Zen forests in Sweden, on doorsteps talking to strangers, to the rhythm and sights of the world passing by."

β€œIt was a passage of self discovery, and finding out who we are to one another, islands apart, united in sound. I'm sure that is something that will continue."

If you like what you hear (which you absolutely should!), you can catch Funeral Suits live in London this July. The band play The Moth Club on July 9th, and tickets are available now.