Bey's FORMATION World Tour Is GO! Here's What Happened On Opening Night...


If the surprise arrival of 'Lemonade' last weekend wasn't enough to quench your Beyoncé thirst, last night the FORMATION World Tour officially kicked off  and the reviews are in. Here's what we know:

1. On Opening Night, Bey Played Over 30 Songs. OVER THIRTY!

Wanna see the setlist? Or would that spoil it?

Okay. It's up here if you reeeeeally want to see.

We're not saying this is the set we'll hear every night, but good lord if it's a sign of things to come...

2. ...And Yep, She Covered Prince's 'Purple Rain'

Source: Twitter

Beyoncé's tribute had a very personal touch. As The Guardian put it: "he was the man that told her if she learned to play piano she’d be unstoppable. (Lemonade features her cross-legged at her keyboard, playing and singing Sandcastles).

3. She also roped in a couple of lucky fans up on stage for the 'Single Ladies...' dance.

Source: Twitter

Just imagine being that lucky!

4. The Outfits Are Spectacular

Source: Twitter


5. The Stage Looks Insane

Here's a 'before shot'...

Source: Beyonce.com

...and here's an after!

Source: Twitter

ANYWAY. We're off for a lie down. Hopefully when we wake up, it'll be June so we can go hang out on the FORMATION UK dates! Oh you forgot about those? Well here's a reminder:

28 - SUNDERLAND Stadium Of Light
30 - CARDIFF Principality Stadium

02 - LONDON Wembley Stadium
03 - LONDON Wembley Stadium
05 - MANCHESTER Emirates Old Trafford
07 - GLASGOW Hampden Park

If you're lucky, you might still be able to get a ticket from the Live Nation tickets page.